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About Jinzhong University

Jinzhong University, whose predecessor is Jinzhong Teachers’ College founded in 1958,was officially granted as a provincial comprehensive undergraduate universityby China’s Ministry of Education in May, 2004, after the consolidation ofJinzhong Advanced Teachers’ College, Jinzhong Education College and JinzhongVocational School. Jinzhong University is located in Jinzhong City, which isShanxi merchants’ hometown, right in the hinterland of Shanxi Province. She isone of the nine new Campus of Colleges and Universities in Shanxi College Town.

Jinzhong University consists of 15 schools, including School of Chinese Language &Literature, School of Political Science & History, School of ForeignLanguages, School of Education Science & Technology, School of Mathematics& Physics, School of Information Technology & Engineering,  Schoolof Chemistry & Engineering, School of Biological Science & Technology,School of Physical Education, School of Fine Arts, School of Music, School ofEconomics Management, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of TourismManagement & Public Administration, School of Distance Education and Schoolof Continuing Education. There are 53 undergraduate majors, which fall into 9 categories, including liberal arts, science, engineering, law, economics,managing, education, history, fine arts and music. The enrolled students arefrom 23 provinces, autonomous region and the municipalities directly under thecentral government, such as Shanxi, Tianjin, Chongqing, Liaoning, Ningxia, Hebei,Henan, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Sichuan, Hunan,Shandong, Jilin, Hubei, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Gansu, Hainan, Guangdong andxinjiang, etc.. The university has more than 17,000 full-time 4-year students .

The faculty team consistsof more than 1,000 members, including more than 700 full-time teachers, amongwhom over 200 are professors and associate professors, in which 9 professorswere granted teaching masters of Shanxi province and 1 professor was awarded asone of talented persons of publicity culture system in Shanxi Province. Morethan 500 teachers hold Master degrees and PhD. degrees. In the faculty team,there is a group of leading academics, young and middle-aged academic leadersand key teachers. Besides, over 40 distinguished professors from PekingUniversity and Qinghua University, Beijing Normal University and scholars areinvited to be guest professors and visiting professors.

MusicTeaching Team

EnvironmentalDesign Teaching Team

BiotechnologyTeaching Team

Primary EducationTeaching Team

The ShuttlecockTeaching Team

Tourism ManagementTeaching Team    

The university hasbeen focusing on connotative development, strengthening education teachingreform and therefore made some achievements. The university wins over twentyteaching achievement prizes at national, provincial and ministerial levels,including the scheme on “One major, One minor and Multi-capability Development”,“Marxism,  Ideological and Ethical Education Course”, “Educational Theoryand Practice of Teaching Mode on 3 plus 1 plus 1” .

In recent years,Jinzhong University has completed over 200 subject scientific researches on thenational and provincial level. Original contributions and textbooks publishedon the provincial level are nearly 500, more than 80 of which are grantedprovincial-level awards. 2000 academic papers are published at or aboveprovincial level, including more than 200   listed by SCI, EI, SSCI.Many scientific research institutes such as Jinzhong Cultural EcologicalResearch Centre, Shanxi Merchants’ Culture Research Institute, EducationalScientific Institute, Chinese Language and Philology Applied ResearchInstitute, Chinese Shuttlecock Society Scientific Research and Training Centrehave been established. The university also undertook the nationwide training,promotion activities of the national shuttlecock, the national shuttlecockcoach and the referee training and shuttlecock national referee examination.

The universityattaches great importance to the quality of talent cultivation. Since herestablishment, celebrated scientists, scholars, professors, governmentofficials, successful entrepreneurs, outstanding engineers and advanced workersare cultivated in all walks of life. Students are granted over twenty national awards,including mathematical modeling contest, mechanical innovation designcompetition, engineering training comprehensive ability competition,three-dimensional digital innovation design competition, English contests, andart competition.

The university shuttlecockteam wins Women's Team Title, Men's Doubles Championship, the Men's SinglesChampion, Men's Individual, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles in thecompetition of National College Students’ Sports Games, National ShuttlecockChampionships, and the World Shuttlecock Championships. In recent years, thescores  of admitting the freshmen into Jinzhong University ranked thefirst in the same level of the whole province.The employment rate of studentsis also at the forefront of similar schools in the province. The postgraduateentrance examination rate remains above 20%.

JinzhongUniversity is responsible for making a research on the local culture,establishing a provincial research base of Jinzhong cultural ecologicalresearch centre. The School of Music provides special courses on “OriginalFolksong”, “Folksong of Zuoquan County”, “Qi and Tai Yangko Dance”; a singinggroup named “Qingedan Troupe” was established. Local Musicology of JinzhongUniversity is rectified as a specialized major by China’s Ministry ofEducation. Meanwhile, a specialized research team has conducted thorough studyon the sculpture art(woodcutting, brick and stone) of Jinzhong merchants’mansions and Xingyi Quan (a kind of Kungfu).

The universityinitiates the road of open teaching, keeping good cooperation and communicationrelationship with foreign universities and educational institutions such asTampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Selkirk College of Canada,Thai-Chinese Educational Association of Thailand etc..

Looking into thefuture, Jinzhong University will develop better from now on. She will carry onthe education concept of “ basing on  serving the locales, facing shanxiprovince, expanding to the whole nation, and cultivating applied talents withsolid theoretical knowledge, strong practical ability , comprehensive quality ,strong social responsibility and certain innovation ability for local economyconstruction and social development ” , strengthen the idea of catering theneeds of the local area, serving the grassroots, providing multiple ways ofschooling, featuring in multifunctional comprehensive development, promotingeducational innovation, deepening educational reform, improving the quality ofteaching, realizing the sustained and rapid development of the university,building the university into conducting scientific research and technologydevelopment base, participating in regional economy, culture of integratedservices base,  promoting the local social and economic development tomake her due contribution.

At present,Jinzhong University is taking on an entirely new look to a brighter future.

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